What do we mean by

Real Benefits for Real Life

What do we mean by

Real Benefits for Real Life

In a perfect world, having a budget would be enough. But life doesn’t really work that way. Unexpected home, auto and healthcare events can happen at any time – and insurance doesn’t always cover the costs.


Our benefits are designed for the moments when life gets all too real and you need someone to have your back. We’re a safety net that helps pay the expenses you didn’t plan on, so you can get on with the business of living.

Why Purchase a Home & Auto Plan


An estimated 55MM Americans report having said they have nothing saved in an emergency fund1


According to a CFSI Financial Health survey, 44% of respondents have expenses that exceed their income2


Almost 40% of Americans do not have the cash to cover a $400 unexpected expense3


Only 29% of American households say they live comfortably4


Over 40% of adult Americans rely on an auto loan to pay for a car5


Over 70% of Millennials cannot demonstrate basic financial literacy6


 60% of families have had at least one financial shock in the last 12 months7

More Reasons Why

The average American will spend almost


The average car accident in the U.S. costs more than



Properties in the U.S. covered by insurance has a claim each year10



of out-of-pocket medical costs are more than $50011

The most common unexpected expenses​*

*FIMC Proprietary Research Q4 2019

Major Home Repairs

Major Car Repairs

Trips to the Hospital

Pay Cuts & Divorce